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Grow Asia Secretariat

Beverley Postma​

Executive Director

Erin Sweeney

Director, Programs

Daphne Wong

Lead, Operations and Finance

Chrissa Marey Borja

Regional Manager, Responsible Investing & Climate

Ken Swari Maharani

Regional Manager, Sustainable Investment

Fanny Thiên Nga Perdu

Regional Manager, Communications

Desmond Yew 
Manager, Operations and Finance
Paul Voutier

Senior Advisor, Innovation

Lucy Turner 

Regional Manager, International Trade and Development

Reginald Lee

Head, Knowledge & Programs

Amy Melissa Chua

Head, Partnerships

Cherry Mae Tadeo-Cunanan

Regional Manager, Women's Economic Empowerment

Ranthi Whesi Umbarani

Project Associate, Women's Economic Empowerment

Maeven See

Assistant, Finance/Admin

Misha Rabat

Head, Sustainable Value Chains

Country Directors

John Simango

Executive Director, Grow PNG

Papua New Guinea

Insan Syafaat

Executive Director, PISAgro


Amy Melissa Chua

Country Director, PPSA


U Ye Htut

Country Director, MAN


Thuy Cam Nguyen

Coordinator, PSAV

Viet Nam

Sereyrith Ly

Managing Director, CPSA


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