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Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Dates: 30 November - 12 December 2023

Grow Asia at COP28:
Elevating Southeast Asia's voice
in reshaping our global food future.

With the world gathering in the UAE for COP28, this event stood as a crucial juncture in our collective journey towards a more resilient and sustainable future. It was here that the policies, discussions, and innovations shaping our planet's future were brought to the forefront. Grow Asia brought to the table our expertise, experiences, and a network of partnerships cultivated across Asia in these pivotal discussions.

Despite accounting for 90% of the world’s rice production, and increasing global resilience on crops such as fruits, vegetables, and coffee, Southeast Asia’s voice is under-represented in international climate conversations.

We showcased the under-reported role of Southeast Asia in shouldering a major share of the world’s climate transformation. We collaborated with other Global South actors to explore collaborative solutions to the most pressing climate finance challenges and showcase climate-ready investment opportunities in the agri-food sector.

Grow Asia's priorities at COP28


Reflections from COP28

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