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GrowBeyond is catalyzing US$1 billion for Agri-SMEs in Southeast Asia by 2030.

Rural businesses are at the heart of the climate crisis.

Food production in Southeast Asia is the source of more than 30% of greenhouse gas emissions.

70 million rural businesses are the backbone of food security in Southeast Asia, accounting for about 80% of agricultural production.

Yet, they are not equipped to transition their practices to low-emission production, often due to a lack of access to finance.

In fact, agri-SMEs in Southeast Asia have $31B of unmet financing needs.

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Finance is available, but is not reaching the SMEs
responsible for producing our food.

SMEs face barriers such as access to affordable finance, eligibility, and perceived risk that limit the scale of climate solutions. Existing financial models aimed at solving this challenge have typically been fragmented and failed to provide sufficient technical assistance to de-risk businesses.

GrowBeyond will deliver a closed-loop blended finance model that addresses the current fragmentation of climate finance.

By consolidating strategic investments from governments, financial institutions, private investors, fintech/agritech companies, alongside technical assistance providers, Grow Asia will deliver a comprehensive suite of crop-specific financial and market services that are required for SMEs and smallholder farmers to scale their businesses and adopt regenerative practices.

GrowBeyond will include the ASEAN Sustainable Agriculture Loan Facility (ASALF), which aims to provide long-tenure loans with flexible repayment periods and will provide access to larger loan amounts allowing for capital investments in facilities as farmers across the region adopt new practices supported by innovative technology.


This access to financing will be complemented by a package of technical assistance provided by Grow Asia and its partners to enhance the adoption of climate-smart practices alongside business planning and financial literacy.

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Benefitting more than



improvement in household incomes

10 - 30% 

reduction in carbon footprint per farm



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How is climate change affecting agriculture in Southeast Asia?

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