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Grow Asia Performance and Impact

Partner Survey 
An annual survey conducted by the regional secretariat, which  computes the value of the services being offered by Grow Asia’s secretariat through its network of multi-stakeholder partnerships. Results from the survey provide a comprehensive understanding of stakeholders’ requirements, enabling the prioritization of areas that require support to better meet the needs of our partners.  

Country Partnership Scorecard
The scorecard measures the annual progress of country secretariats by evaluating them on key performance indicators. Categories for evaluation in the scorecard are: financial independence and stewardship, organizational capacity, stakeholder engagement and quality of working groups and impact. Country Partnership performance is assessed by the Country Partnership managers in consultation with the Country Secretariat staff.  

Working Group Scorecard 
The scorecard measures the annual progress of each working group based in the member countries. Working groups are graded on their structure, strategy, impact and facilitation capabilities. Regional and country secretariat staff of Grow Asia assess the performance in consultation with the working groups.  

Impact Assessment

Intervention Status
Information from the intervention status provides an accessible institutional memory on the projects of Grow Asia. Referring to this template, we will know which interventions are at pilot stages, which have reached a critical juncture and be able to glean the lessons learnt.  For projects that have reached a critical juncture, Grow Asia plans to commission surveys and case studies to evaluate the impact of the intervention. 

Case Studies 
Case studies support the achievements of Grow Asia’s work in catalyzing multi-stakeholder partnerships in agriculture. The primary purpose of these case studies is to provide an illustration of how multiple stakeholders come together to co-create and evolve smallholder-focused projects. These case studies will become valuable learning tools for other working groups that are being formed. The secondary purpose of the case studies is to publicly share how multi-stakeholder action occurs and to highlight the benefits of working in partnership.

Data Collection Tools for Partners

Measurement Guide
The measurement guide is a template provided to various working groups for monitoring the progress of interventions. The data from the template assists working groups to gain positive visibility through data sharing, develop more effective business approaches, understand business development costs and communicate results to stakeholders in a systematic manner.  Moreover, the template suggested aligns with the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for agriculture performance indicators. 
Grow Asia Counter
The Grow Asia Counter allows users to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions of different agricultural management scenarios for cocoa, coffee, tea, corn, rice, potatoes, and vegetables/horticulture. This tool allows users to view their greenhouse gas emissions based on their current practices (scenario 1) and what their greenhouse gas emissions would be if they changed their management practices (scenario 2).

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