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Chrissa Marey Borja
Head, Programs
Grow Asia

Chrissa Marey Borja is the Head of Programs at Grow Asia, a multi-stakeholder partnership platform that catalyzes action on inclusive agricultural development in Southeast Asia. The platform convenes governments, farmers, NGOs, and other stakeholders to co-create value chain initiatives focused on smallholder farmers and environmental sustainability of agriculture. Grow Asia was established by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat.


Borj is supporting the ASEAN Guidelines for Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry (ASEAN RAI) and Grow Asia’s learning and communications efforts.


Borj has worked in the agriculture and forestry sector in Southeast Asia in the topic of sustainability standards. She has experience in handling donor-funded programs as well as developing programs for the private sector towards sustainability commitments. 


Borj received her bachelor's degree in Human Ecology from the University of the Philippines and a postgraduate diploma in Urban and Regional Planning from the School of Urban and Regional Planning in University of the Philippines as well.

You can reach Borj at

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