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Our Women's Economic Empowerment Flagship Program amplifies the business case for women’s economic empowerment and incentivizes public and private investment into gender-inclusive and transformative actions, practices, and policies. 

Up to 1 in 3 individuals engaged in agriculture in Southeast Asia are women, yet they face more barriers to accessing finance, extension services, land ownership, information, and inputs relative to men. 

Research shows that empowering women in agriculture as decision-makers — as customers, farmers and business owners — drives equitable economic growth, injects more cash into rural economies and increases investments in solutions and services that help communities thrive.

1. Mapping Value Chains

Best Practice

Grow Asia works with our partners to map agricultural value chains in order to identify best practices and opportunities in promoting women’s economic empowerment, while supporting strategic direction setting and decision-making. 


Grow Asia is building a repository of “usage tools” for engaging women farmers. These resources are used by our partners to scale, replicate or refine good practice occurring elsewhere.

2. Making the Business Case
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Case Studies

Grow Asia is working with partners to generate case studies that demonstrate business benefits of becoming more gender-inclusive, responsive, and transformative.  This includes attracting and retaining top talent, increasing returns on inclusive procurement spending, sustaining value chains, improving environmental and social reporting, and generating positive reputational value that encourages increased consumer spending.

Community of Practice

Grow Asia is creating a Community of Practice (COP) to engage with diverse stakeholders across value chains and geographies. The COP offers a space for our partners to share best practices, identify solutions to challenges, resources, and find partnerships.

3. Addressing Skills Gaps
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Grow Asia is improving women’s knowledge and capacity in agricultural value chains, as their participation is critical to economic recovery and sustained prosperity.


Our ongoing programs include GrowHer, THRIVE and AGREE, which you can learn more about further down this page.

GrowHer Program

Launched in 2019 by Grow Asia - alongside AGREA, Corteva Agriscience and WOMAG - GrowHer is a community-based platform that connects women to learning events, essential resources and best-practice sharing from other women agripreneurs, with the aim of supporting women's economic empowerment in the agriculture sector.

AGREE Initiative

AGREE (short for ASEAN Green Recovery through Equity and Empowerment) is an initiative supported by the Canadian government (IDRC) in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Viet Nam. The project aims to show how COVID-19 recovery can be gender- and climate-responsive, by testing pilot interventions with corporate partners and informing policy-making that champions women as agents of climate action.

THRIVE Initiative

THRIVE (short for Train Her to Promote Resilient, Inclusive Value Chains and Economic Empowerment) is a joint initiative between Grow Asia and Corteva Agriscience to (1) increase women farmers’ farm management, digital and business skills; and (2) support women farmers, influencers and agripreneurs with business development and networking events.

4. Strengthening Policy Environments


This information helps policymakers to better design and implement gender-inclusive policies, incentives, and access to finance for women.

Useful Resources


1. Toolkits


2. Research and Reports


3. Case Studies

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