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Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture

Launched in 2016, the Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA) was set up to improve the productivity, inclusiveness, and competitiveness of Cambodia’s agriculture sector. CPSA acts as an inclusive platform for networking and best practice exchange, promotes sectoral and market system transformation, and develops value chains suited to profitable, scalable smallholder enterprises. 


CPSA is unique in Cambodia in that it attracts partners by concentrating on higher-value, niche products. The aim here is to equip Cambodian growers with market intelligence and business linkages to move into high-value exports where price and volume will not be impediments.


Grow Asia has been providing financial and operational support to the CPSA since its inception. In that time, CPSA has grown to a network of 96 partners working across seven Working Groups to address critical sectoral challenges in Cambodia.