Based on the framework presented by the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) report on multi-stakeholder partnerships, Grow Asia’s approach to performance measurement fall broadly into two categories: results-related measures and process-related measures.


Results-related Measures

pertain to how effective Grow Asia has been in delivering its stated outcomes on smallholder productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability.


Case Studies

both personalize the impact of individual interventions, and reveal the bigger story of Grow Asia network’s impact. They document how the project may take unexpected turns, evolve over time, and have spillover effects that go well beyond the individual project in ways a numerical analysis cannot capture. Not only do case studies independently evaluate and validate some of the reported impact numbers, they also examine the
longer-term impact on behavior, policy, capacity and institutional change.

Farmer Engagement Indicators

consolidate the aggregate results of the Grow Asia network to demonstrate how the network is collectively having an impact at scale. It also paints a picture of a strong pipeline of projects within the network that should deliver a stream of results over the next five to ten years. 


Grow Asia does not directly attribute the impact of any of the work conducted by our partners to the Grow Asia Regional Secretariat in Singapore.

Process-related Measures

reflect the extent to which multi-stakeholder partnerships at the regional, national or ground level adhere to Grow Asia’s operating principles of being smallholder-centric, inclusive, locally-driven, and market-based.


Partner Surveys

ascertain stakeholder needs, satisfaction levels, and priority areas of support.

Country Partnership Scorecards

measure progress on financial independence and stewardship, organizational capacity, stakeholder engagement and quality of Working Groups and impact.

Working Group Scorecards

measure the quality of structure, strategy, impact and facilitation capabilities.