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Ranthi Whesi Umbarani
Associate, Women's Economic Empowerment

Ranthi is a Project Associate at Grow Asia, a multi-stakeholder platform that builds field-, national- and regional-level partnerships to broker market-driven solutions that cultivate inclusive, resilient and sustainable food systems in Southeast Asia. Grow Asia does this by facilitating collaboration between key players from the region’s public, private, civil society and farmer organizations around macro-level issues and the development of inclusive and sustainable agriculture value chains.


Ranthi manages the implementation of Grow Asia's work around Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) across Southeast Asia, which centers around informing governments, private enterprises, and farmers on how to mainstream gender and enhance inclusion while contributing to national climate objectives. At the field level, this work helps women farmers and cooperatives gain knowledge and skills on enterprise growth, market access, digitalization, conservation, and climate-smart practices. At the national level, research and learnings from the field are used to inform recommendations for embedding gender-inclusive practices into climate policy. At the regional level, insights and knowledge from the national-level processes are shared via Grow Asia’s Knowledge Platform and learning events with our network of 600+ organizations.


Ranthi has a Master's degree from Wageningen University and Research (Plant Sciences), where she received a full scholarship from StuNed (a fully-funded scholarship program from the Netherlands government). Ranthi received her Bachelor's degree from Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia.

You can reach Ranthi at

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