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Enhancing Rice Value Chains in Cambodia through Public-Private Synergy

Grow Asia - CPSA’s “Strengthening the Rice Value Chain” Program 

Grow Asia’s country chapter in Cambodia, Grow Asia - Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA), has been partnering with Heineken Cambodia to strengthen the rice value chain for five cooperatives across Cambodia. The initiative focuses on equipping farmers with essential knowledge and technologies to tackle climate change challenges, improving rice cultivation methods, broadening market access, and uplifting farmer livelihoods.

The program is designed to empower smallholder farmers through training in cooperative governance and marketing, while also addressing the evolving landscape of agriculture by equipping farmers and agripreneurs with vital digital skills. This approach is particularly significant in the context of digitalisation, which has been instrumental in narrowing the divide between consumers and producers. The program also demonstrates a strong commitment to gender inclusivity, with women comprising 67% of trainees. 

Just last week, the team spearheaded a focused learning expedition for five agricultural cooperatives from the provinces of Kampong Chhnang and Kampong Speu centered on the innovative application of rice husk. It brought together cooperative members, officials from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and Husk Ventures experts for a comprehensive knowledge-sharing session.

This endeavor was executed in partnership with the Kampong Chhnang Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and Husk Venture. The program aimed to educate participants about the benefits of utilizing rice husk charcoal (biochar) in agriculture, focusing on its potential as a soil ameliorant to enhance crop yield and quality. 

Grow Asia - CPSA Project Manager, Ms. Tang Sivgech 

Ms. Sivgech, Project Manager, Grow Asia – CPSA, elaborated,  

“The aim of this study tour and experience sharing is to forge connections within our agricultural cooperatives, specifically among rice producers, to enhance their understanding of selecting and utilizing technical fertilizers tailored to their projects. Furthermore, our goal is to establish a network that links farmers with the private sector, facilitating effective communication that supports the management and development of their agricultural practices.” 

Mrs. Him Thea of the Arkhpiwat Kasekam Khom Kraing Lvea Agricultural Cooperative

Mrs. Khim Sokunthea, the Acting President of the Kraing Leav Samaki Agricultural Cooperative, underscored the importance of adopting cultivating techniques in alignment with land management standards.  

“As an agricultural cooperative, it’s crucial we concentrate on using fertilizer that meet soil standards. This study tour and knowledge exchange have illuminated the advantages and choices available in fertilizers, as well as their application. Effectively managing farmland levels directly correlates with improved yields!” 

Public-Private Partnerships 

Grow Asia is a multi-stakeholder partnership to empower the 70M agri-MSMEs and rural businesses that are both at the forefront of climate change, and who are the key to transforming food systems across Asia. We do this by brokering commercial and non-profit partnerships between the 690+ global and regional organizations that make up the Grow Asia Network, creating an ecosystem that unites actors from the public, private, civil society, and research communities to accelerate knowledge sharing, collaboration, innovation, and policy change.  

Public-private partnerships are essential for harmonizing government support with private sector innovation, enabling scalable solutions that address critical challenges in agriculture. In this program, by partnering with private sector companies such as Heineken, we can leverage each other's strengths and resources to create meaningful impact.  

Ms. Mam Vannary, Sustainability Executive at Heineken Cambodia

Ms. Mam Vannary, Sustainability Executive at Heineken Cambodia, reflected on the collaboration:  

“The partnership with CPSA has been ongoing and is fundamentally aimed at fortifying the rice industry. For Heineken, rice isn’t just a crop; it’s a part of our vital component of our products.” 


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