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Ken Swari Maharani
Regional Manager, Partnerships

Ken is the Regional Manager for Sustainable Investment at Grow Asia. She has spearheaded Grow Asia's involvement in the 2022 G20 and B20 Summits in Indonesia in 2022, leading the development of dialogues and research studies to highlight inclusive agri-finance solutions that support the growth and capacity development of MSMEs in Southeast Asia.


Prior to this role, Ken was the Strategic Engagement Manager of the Partnership for Indonesia's Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro), Grow Asia's Country Partnership in Indonesia. In this role, Ken facilitated the activities of PISAgro's 10 technical Working Groups, centered around specific commodities (e.g., coffee) or cross-cutting issues (e.g., agritech). In this capacity, Ken drove engagement with ministries, major agriculture-based companies, and rising start-up ventures in Indonesia. Prior to this, Ken was involved in Indonesia's Sustainable Finance Program led by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – a member of the World Bank Group. She worked closely with the Indonesia Financial Services Authority, banking institutions, and training centers to support the implementation of sustainable finance in Indonesia. 


Ken has eight years of experience working with governmental agencies at national and local levels, private companies, financial institutions, and civil society organizations on topics including agriculture, green finance, sustainability reporting, and capacity-building. 


Ken holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations focusing on Transnational Civil Society and a master's degree in International Law, both from Universitas Indonesia. 


Ken can be reached at To learn more about Ken, you can read her bio here.

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