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Grow Asia welcomes ASEAN Secretariat and AsiaDHRRA as Co-Chairs of the Partners' Advisory Council

The Partners' Advisory Council in October 2022

Grow Asia is thrilled to announce the appointment of our incoming co-chairs for the Partners' Advisory Council, The ASEAN Secretariat, and AsiaDHRRA, as we gear up for the first Governance meetings of the year.

Grow Asia is an innovative and dynamic platform that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to drive sustainable agriculture in the region. With the aim of building more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable food systems in Asia, the organization plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges facing the agriculture sector. To achieve this goal, Grow Asia has established two high-level advisory councils: the Partners' Advisory Council and the Business Council.

The Partners' Advisory Council comprises members from the public sector, civil society, and non-profit entities engaged in a range of societal and environmental issues facing the region. This council helps shape Grow Asia's delivery approach and works to ensure that Grow Asia's initiatives align with the needs and priorities of all stakeholders, including smallholder farmers, rural communities, and the environment. Grow Asia is grateful for the invaluable guidance and support provided by these esteemed organizations in our pursuit of creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for the region.


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