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Grow Asia - CPSA Hosts 4th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Summit in Cambodia with Cambodian Agricultural Cooperative Corporation and Cambodia Rice Federation

Grow Asia - Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA) is honored to co-host the 4th Sustainable Agriculture Summit in Phnom Penh with the Cambodian Agricultural Cooperative Corporation (CACC), and the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF).

This summit brought together around 350 participants from agriculture cooperatives, NGOs, donors, researchers, and the government, who explored the theme of Regenerative Agriculture Practices Towards Low-Carbon Agriculture.

As a convenor uniting over 690 diverse partners from public, private, and civil society sectors across Asia, Grow Asia nurtures pivotal discussions at all levels that engage a wide range of stakeholders to facilitate effective collaboration for more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient food systems. We look forward to leveraging the insights from the summit to propel further collaborative efforts in 2024.


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