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Initiated by the World Economic Forum in partnership with the ASEAN Secretariat, Grow Asia serves as a multi-stakeholder partnership platform to catalyse action that contributes to food security and sustainable, inclusive agricultural development in support of national and regional priorities in Southeast Asia. 

The Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA) is Grow Asia Country Partnership, working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and Relevant Government Agencies. CPSA brings together companies, government agencies, civil society organizations, farmer groups and financial institutions to link smallholder farmers to the market with the shared goal of increasing farmers’ profits and productivity while improving the environmental sustainability of their farms. CPSA does this by:

  • Being an inclusive platform for networking and information exchange

  • Prompting sectoral or market systems transformation through its Working Groups

  • Providing education and advisory for MSMEs, entrepreneurs and farmer organizations

  • Supporting the development of sustainable and pro-smallholder agricultural development

CPSA has been supporting four 04 Working Groups (WG) and planning to expand two more WG within 3 years:


  1. Cashew Working Group (CWG)

  2. Pepper Working Group 

  3. Fruit & Vegetable Working Group (“F&V” WG) 

  4. Agri-Food SMEs Working Group 

The Working Groups are voluntary groups of organizations from various sectors which operate within agriculture value chains. The organizations have an interest in contributing to sustainable and inclusive agriculture transformation in Cambodia. The Working Groups identify opportunities to make value chains more inclusive and co-develop projects which benefit smallholder farmers. Working Groups are also involved in sectoral coordination on policy, national roadmaps, financing, market issues, and other shared challenges for their industry. Sectoral approaches increasingly feature in the Grow Asia network’s activities, as an important pathway to achieve scale.


  • Country Partnership Secretariat: secretariat/administrative function (event organization and planning, logistics, operations and finance) and linkage with other Grow Asia network thematic areas of work and expertise

  • WG Lead/Co-lead: convening the meeting, encouraging commitment from WG members, external relations (on behalf of the WG)

  • WG Members (Gov’t/Business/NGOs): sharing updates of their implementation, reporting back of progress 

  • WG Facilitator/Consultant: meeting, facilitating/moderating the meeting towards desired outcomes, develop agenda and concept note for WGs and provide inputs for WG strategy development. 




The Facilitator/Consultant shall:

  1. In consultation with CPSA Director, lead and co-lead of each WG- guiding WG members towards clear, well-articulated, realistic and attainable goals and strategies (i.e. what they want to achieve as a WG, and/or what they want to achieve for their projects). As necessary, the Consultant may need to meet with important stakeholders on an individual basis and will be assisted by the CPSA team. 

  2. Assist and encourage the WG leader to take a more active role in driving the WG. For the new WG, together with CPSA Director, working toward identifying key actors who could lead the specific WG – ex. AgTech WG. 

  3. Serve as a resource person in co-designing new value chain projects and/or troubleshooting ongoing projects, drawing from the Consultant’s experience in value chain design/project development. The consultant might need to travel to the potential project area and report back to CPSA Director/WG lead.  

  4. Identify broader issues/long-term plans for the sub-sector and focus interest in the WG to collectively pursue some of them (i.e. group agenda in addition to ongoing individual projects).

  5. Identify missing stakeholders that should be brought into the WG and share a contact person with the CPSA secretariat/WG lead.

  6. Write minute or report of each meeting, to submit to CPSA Director a summary of the meeting covering key topics discussed, next steps and persons responsible. This document should ideally serve as a basis to start the next meeting/activities. 

  7. Conduct some M&E works based on Grow Asia/CPSA process and format 

  8. Other tasks assigned by CPSA Director



The Consultant will be identified based on the following qualifications: 


  • Relevant experience in agriculture value chain project or agro-enterprise or livelihood project development and implementation, market analysis, as well as a demonstrable understanding of value chains. Sector expertise is a plus;

  • Strong facilitation, partnership brokering, or coaching skills with proven results;

  • Experience in providing consultancy services to multiple stakeholder groups, and in the use of participatory methods;

  • Has performed a similar assignment or project in the past


Interested individuals/organizations should submit the following:


  • Cover Letter or expression of interest letter 

  • Updated CV with at least two referees (contact details for 2 references) 


If interested in the above role, please send your resume and cover letter to and cc 

Note: CPSA is looking for passion, experience, and entrepreneurial mindset.   


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