Sharing Learnings

Grow Asia has a strong commitment to learning and knowledge-sharing. This agenda covers the development and exchange of both fact- and experience-based knowledge emerging from the network. By highlighting successes and sharing learnings, Grow Asia hopes to catalyze greater impact to improve smallholder livelihoods.

Case Studies and Reports

Grow Asia’s case studies and reports offer insight and learnings from partners and projects in the network. Each case study provides (1) an overview of stakeholders involved, key activities, and project milestones, and (2) an outline of the journey, which charts the project’s design and implementation. Last year, Grow Asia produced two new case studies (rubber in Indonesia and coffee in Viet Nam) and four reports (a gender landscape mapping, a framework for smallholder agri-tech business models, learnings on inclusive business models, and insights on increasing agri-tech adoption).

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190822_Making Vegetable Markets Work Case Study_FACompressed-1.png

Grow Asia Exchange

The Grow Asia Exchange is an online knowledge repository and learning hub that bridges expertise across a variety of disciplines. It enables partners to learn from one another’s experiences, share best practices, and gain access to practical knowledge on inclusive value chain projects. The Exchange boasts over 200+ case studies, policy papers, and landscape studies, categorized by country, crop, and theme.

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Learning Events

Learning is regularly cited as one of the main reasons that motivates Grow Asia’s partners to participate in the network. Grow Asia has an extensive portfolio of learning events covering fact-based knowledge (e.g. case studies, market opportunities, production, and postharvest innovation) and experience-based

knowledge (e.g. building effective partnerships, learnings from inclusive business projects, and facilitating mentorship programs).


In 2020, aided by the increasing embrace of using virtual conferencing tools, Grow Asia and our Country Partnerships organized 58 learning events, drawing an aggregate of 7,146 participants. That is more than double the number of learning events we ran in 2019, reaching four times the number of attendees. Not sacrificing quality for quantity, our post-event satisfaction surveys averaged at 83%.


In addition, Grow Asia also introduced a new event format in 2020 – a closed-door "confessional” series where selected partners are invited to engage in open and honest conversations around their challenges, successes and, crucially, failures around building inclusive and sustainable value chains. These sessions run under the Chatham House Rule – whereby participants are free to use information received without attributing it, nor revealing the identity nor the affiliation of the other participants – to encourage candor.


Making Learnings Accessible

While case studies provide robust insights into value chain projects, Grow Asia believes that distilling key learnings and insights into bite-sized social-media-friendly content is an important way of reaching as many end users as possible.


Grow Asia produced three new video series in 2020, which were watched over 94,000 times:

To support further knowledge exchange, Grow Asia has also scaled our use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Our social media following doubled in 2020, and as a result, our non-video-based learning content was read 123,400 times and seen by over 629,700 people.