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Sereyrith Ly 
Managing Director, CPSA

Sereyrith Ly is the Managing Director of the Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA), a multi-stakeholder platform established by Grow Asia in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia to drive inclusive agricultural development in Cambodia.


Sereyrith is a seasoned development professional, with 15+ years of experience working at the nexus of market systems development, value chain development, food systems, inclusive business, agribusiness/MSME development, and farmer cooperative management. Sereyrith's personal mission is to use his knowledge, experience, skills, and network to build a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable food system in Cambodia and beyond.

Prior to CPSA, Sereyrith was a Provincial Director/Market Linkage Coordinator for the Feed the Future Cambodia Harvest II (a USD 27 million program funded by USAID), where he managed a team that worked hand-in-hand with government, the private sector, farmers, donors, and other stakeholders to implement projects that blend Buyer-Led and Market Systems Development approaches to strengthen the horticulture sector in Cambodia. During his time with Harvest II, Sereyrith was able to support farm level sales of USD 26.73 million, USD 5+ million in private sector investments, and the generation of 229 full-time jobs.


Prior to Harvest II, Sereyrith has filled management and consulting positions with the World Vegetable Center, SNV, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and various donor-funded development programs.

Sereyrith can be reached at

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