Scaling Solutions

Grow Asia is accelerating replication and expansion of successful value chain projects through thought leadership and collaboration with in-country partners.
Read our Pathways to Scale framework to learn some of the innovative ways the Grow Asia Partners have been able to adapt and expand the reach of their field projects.
Digital solutions offer the possibility of radically improving the potential relationship between smaller scale producers and agribusinesses. Grow Asia's experience is that digital technologies, particularly when combined with finance, offer one of the best prospects of scaling our impact. Grow Asia has and is continuing to create learning tools to meet the knowledge needs of our Working Groups.
Grow Asia initiated its Digital Learning Series as a launch pad to encourage testing, dissemination, and wide-spread uptake of digital tools.
In partnership with Unilever and Padang & Co, we organized a digital Hackathon on April 21-22 2018 to crowd-source talent and facilitate the development of data-enabled solutions which can help smallholders boost productivity, profitability and sustainability.
Grow Asia is also working with partners to develop a common data exchange platform. It will allow smallholders to access valuable, location-specific information to help them manage their farms, taking into account critical factors such as land size, rainfall and soil type. Look out for more information soon.  
Grow Asia believes that access to finance is a key enabler for smallholder farmers. We work on integrated solutions to improve access to finance, focusing on Value Chain finance effective credit scoring to help smallholders make capital investments, have enough working capital for their operations and improve their economic resilience to risks and emergencies.  
Grow Asia supports its partners to design, share and exchange financial solutions for smallholder farmers, and coordinates the development of other innovations.

Regional Finance Working Group

Grow Asia supports partners by convening regional financial experts to share their knowledge and experience through the formation of a Regional Finance Working Group. The Regional Finance Working Group brainstorms alternative approaches to smallholder financial services (credit and insurance) through the lens of value chain development. The Regional Finance Working Group collaborates to support in-country value chain projects.

The Grow Asia network implements over 50 Value Chain projects which are vital, practical lessons on how to successfully aggregate smallholder farmers into groupings to be able to work effectively as partners with agribusiness.

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