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Meet U Ye Htut, Country Director for Myanmar

We are delighted to welcome U Ye Htut as Country Director of the Myanmar Agriculture Network (MAN).

In this Q&A, we invite you to get to know about Ye Htut, his priorities for MAN and his vision for Myanmar's agriculture sector.

1. What excites you most about joining MAN and the Grow Asia network? I am very excited about joining MAN and the Grow Asia team. In my role as MAN Director, I will focus on improving the competitiveness of Myanmar’s agricultural sector and enhancing the lives of smallholder farmers through increasing their profits and productivity while improving environmental sustainability of their farms.

2. What is your priorities for the first 100 days as MAN Director? To lead and support MAN towards achieving its goal. I plan to develop my relationship with existing MAN stakeholders and build new network contacts to support current and facilitate potential partnerships.

I will also prioritize outlining the key MAN priorities and map out ideas and actions to take the organization forward in achieving its goals.

3. What changes would you like to see in Myanmar’s agriculture sector in five years’ time? Agriculture is one of Myanmar’s most important industries. The government’s new series of laws and regulations in the sector designed to better serve, promote and protect the interests of farmer’s especially smallholders, is a pivotal moment for Myanmar to accelerate growth in agriculture.

Key stakeholders such as the government and the private sector must take the lead in resolving the challenges of the agriculture sector while at the same time helping farmers to work individually and collectively to increase incomes in an equitable and environmentally sustainable manner.

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