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South East Asia is home to 600 million people and experiencing vibrant and fast-paced growth. A key theme in the region is that, on average, more than half the population lives in rural areas and primarily depends on the agriculture sector for income. The region is a leading exporter of crops such as palm oil, rubber, coconut and rice, and agriculture contributes significantly to exports in every country. Millions of people have been lifted out of poverty, yet a third of the population still live on less than US$2 a day and food security remains high on the agenda.


Grow Asia brings together South East Asia’s smallholder farmers, governments, companies, NGOs, and other stakeholders, to develop inclusive and sustainable value chains and initiatives. At Grow Asia’s core are three goals – to increase the productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability of smallholder agriculture across the region by helping them access knowledge, technology, finance and markets. It launches and supports locally-driven Country Partnerships, helping them define their strategy, engage new partners and develop innovative solutions.


Grow Asia enables stakeholders from different disciplines to leverage each other’s expertise, share insights and learn

from regional experiences. Today, Grow Asia collaborates with over 500 partners across five Country Partnerships, reaching over 690,000 smallholders through our network.


Grow Asia was established by the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat, to convene, facilitate, and help scale action-focused partnerships. Building on the experience and success of the Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture (NVA) initiative, which supports partnerships across the world focused on agriculture development to deliver food security, environmental sustainability, and economic opportunity.

Country Partnerships


Grow Asia launches and supports locally-led partnerships in alignment with country goals. Grow Asia helps to define their strategy, engage new partners, establish Secretariats

and develop innovative solutions.


Partners collaborate in-country through Working Groups that co-design, co-implement, and co-fund value chain initiatives that benefit smallholder farmers. Grow Asia has catalyzed and supports five Country Partnerships in South East Asia:


Grow Asia is supporting the Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA) to convene learning, networking and value chain development initiatives under five Working Groups to increase smallholders’ access to markets.


The Partnership for Indonesia’s Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro) now has more than 70 partners, consisting of national and multinational companies, NGOs, donors and other institutions. Grow Asia advises its 12 Working Groups focused on 10 crops and commodities, and two cross-cutting themes.


The Myanmar Agriculture Network (MAN) serves as a multi-stakeholder platform to accelerate partnership opportunities and investment in food security, along with environmentally sustainable and inclusive agricultural growth in Myanmar. Though young, MAN is currently the largest Country Partnership in the Grow Asia network, with 13 Working Groups.


Grow Asia provides strategic direction and support to the Philippines Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (PPSA), which is

supporting five commodity-based Working Groups and two cross-cutting Working Groups to transform their sectors beyond

individual value chain projects.


The Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture in Vietnam (PSAV) involves more than 70 partners from the private sector, provincial governments, research institutes and NGOs. Their Task Forces, which are PSAV’s equivalent of Working Groups, focus on seven sectors.

Convene and Broker Partnerships

Grow Asia convenes stakeholders including agri-business decision makers, policy leaders, financiers, representatives from academe and practitioners to broker partnerships, share experiences and develop shared action plans which benefit smallholders.

Share Learnings

Grow Asia has a strong commitment to facilitating learning. This agenda covers the development and exchange of both explicit knowledge (e.g., fact-based knowledge such as case studies, market opportunities, production and post-harvest innovations) and implicit knowledge (i.e. the knowledge derived from experience) within the network.

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