Nadia Soerjanto
Manager, Innovation
Grow Asia

Nadia Soerjanto is Manager, Innovation at Grow Asia, a multi-stakeholder partnership platform that catalyzes action on inclusive agricultural development in South East Asia. The platform convenes governments, farmers, NGOs and other stakeholders to co-create value chain initiatives focused on smallholder farmers and environmental sustainability of agriculture. Grow Asia was established by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat.


Nadia manages the Grow Asia Learning Alliance (GALA) program, which aims to promote the creation and adoption of more action-oriented research. Through facilitating workshops and networking events, the GALA program helps knowledge producers - research institutes, universities, and think tanks - connect with each other and agribusinesses in the region.

Nadia also manages Grow Asia's Digital Program, which brings together business, government and NGOs leaders who share a commitment to using new innovations to make smallholder value chains more productive and sustainable. 

Prior to joining Grow Asia, Nadia worked with the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) in New York City. She also previously worked as a management consultant for Isla Urbana, a social enterprise that provides rainwater harvesting systems to marginal communities in Mexico City. In this role she was responsible for streamlining business processes through assessing needs, collaborating with strategic partners and identifying funding opportunities. She was also responsible for quantifying the environmental impact of the organization's work, which was used to illustrate the benefits of investing in more sustainable practices. 

Nadia holds a Masters of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University in the City of New York, and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Systems from the University of California, San Diego.

You can reach Nadia at

Grow Asia
8A Craig Road 
Singapore 089668
+65 6221 9528

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