Knowledge Sharing

Through the facilitation of a knowledge sharing community, Grow Asia aims to help leverage partners’ strengths and increase understanding of different perspectives. Learning from one another is essential as we chart new pathways that combine the strengths of the private sector, government, and civil society.
This series of two-page documents showcase some of Grow Asia's projects from across the region and the impact they have had for smallholder farmers and national tri-sector behavior and collaboration. They were developed to showcase learnings and successes in a bitesize format. We encourage our partners to read and learn about other projects from across the region, and the role of the Country Partnerships in linking stakeholders at a local level and facilitating change on the ground. This story bank will continue to grow as we expand and scale our work as a partnership.  
These case studies were developed as a resource for partners to support their design, implementation and scaling of value chain projects. There are two types of case-studies – business model overviews and journey documents. Business model overviews present the main activities of Working Group projects, key stakeholders involved, and progress achieved so far. Journey documents are more in-depth explorations of the process through which projects were designed, implemented and scaled.
The Grow Asia Exchange is an online portal of curated information about sustainable agriculture. The Exchange also serves as a digital community platform for Grow Asia partners who are implementing value chain projects.
Partners are encouraged to join the community and share their own information, resources and learnings.

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