Ivan Pomaleu
Executive Director
Grow PNG

Ivan is responsible for managing the Grow Asia Papua New Guinea (“Grow PNG”) Country Partnership, ensuring Grow PNG’s goal is realized and implemented with key stakeholders including agribusiness, government, development partners and civil society. He oversees the building of trust and the facilitation of alignment between different stakeholders and reports directly to the Board.


Before commencing his role, Ivan provided consultancy advice to Grow Asia on setting up Grow PNG. Ivan was previously a career public servant in PNG, with an extensive background in planning and budgeting, policy development, investment promotion and regulatory administration. He began his career at PNG’s National Planning Office (NPO) in 1991 where he worked for over six years. At the NPO he oversaw the natural resources sector, which principally included agriculture, fisheries and forestry activities.

Ivan then spent 20 years working at the Investment Promotion Authority, leading the organization during some of the most exciting investment years for Papua New Guinea. He moved to join the PNG APEC Team as Chair of the Senior Officials during the 2018 PNG Hosting of APEC. Key agenda items included inclusive and sustainable development in PNG and conversations on the digital economy.

Following his time with APEC, Ivan oversaw family companies operating within properties and general management consultancies. In between these assignments, he maintained a strong sense of civic and voluntary involvement in the church and the community.

Ivan has an academic background in the sciences and international business management and is married with three children.

You can reach Ivan at ivan@growpng.org