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Responsible Investing

Our Responsible Investing Flagship Program drives the adoption of more responsible agricultural investment practices in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is primed for increased investments in food, agriculture and forestry, with untapped green investment opportunities equaling $205 billion per year in these sectors alone. Investing responsibly in agriculture and forestry can help achieve environmental, social, and financial returns, and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Grow Asia is working with partners to encourage regional adoption of the ASEAN Guidelines on Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture, and Forestry. These guidelines include a set of 10 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) guidelines for investment policy and practice, adopted by the ASEAN Member States in 2018.

1. Driving Training and Learning Programs

ASEAN Academy on Responsible Investing

Launch of the ASEAN Academy on Responsible Investing, an accredited training for professionals in the food, agriculture and forestry sectors looking to gain the practical skills needed to drive responsible investments.  


2. Engaging Investors


Community of Practice

A Community of Practice that convenes agribusinesses, financial investors, and other private sector actors to network with experts and each other, learn about pressing issues, and share best practices. This community helps partners to gain insights and knowledge on improving sustainable production practices, aligning with sustainability reporting in the industry, demystifying relevant topics (e.g. carbon emissions) and understanding policy changes that affect their investments.  

Self-assessment toolkit

A self-assessment toolkit designed for agribusinesses to score business operations against the 10 ESG principles of the ASEAN Guidelines on Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry. By identifying these gaps, companies will know where to focus their energy, in order to align with future policy changes.

Growing Green
Finance series

A video series on ‘Growing Green Finance’, which features senior leaders from industry, finance and government as they discuss the future of inclusive finance, and how they are investing in partnerships to unlock the full economic potential of rural enterprises in Asia. 

3. Promoting Best Practice


Events & Discussions

High-level events, roundtables, and closed-door discussions to share and promote best practice in food, agriculture, and forestry investments in ASEAN. These events occur at the national and regional levels together with partners.

Case studies highlighting responsible investment practices by agribusinesses and financial investors, and supporting regional and national workshops to promote the learnings within. 

Case Studies

4. Strengthening Policy Environments


One essential strategy for boosting responsible private sector investment is to harmonize national-level legislation across the region. Ongoing capacity building with national-level policy makers and regulators to improve legal and policy frameworks on responsible investments. The goal is to help governments develop national regulation aligned to the ASEAN RAI​, prioritize sustainability concerns​​; align with multilateral goals​; and promote innovative and green finance mechanisms. 

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