Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

Farmers and businesses alike are increasingly embracing a wide range of agriculture technologies to boost crop yields and become more resilient in the face of climate change. Globally, this has translated to a smart farming market that is forecast to reach US$23.1 billion by 2022 - more than double the 2017 levels.


There are, however, many well-reported barriers preventing delivery and delaying adaptation in Southeast Asia, which lags behind other regions in climate adaptation.

Grow Asia is currently developing a work plan in collaboration with our partners to deliver the following broad objectives:  

Consolidate the knowledge base


— by gathering information, reports, and case studies into an open community of practice 

Promote information transfer


— by accelerating adaptive learning via training events, demos, and field visits 

Support country-level

capacity building


— by curating a vault of tailor-made resources and climate consultants 

Support the research community


— by piloting solutions arising from academic studies and commercial R&D programs  

Extend delivery to the last mile


— by establishing a cost-effective ASEAN-wide database of consultants and climate experts to support implementation by public, private, and NGO sector 

Design and mobilize

blended finance


— by aggregating public/private climate-linked investments for smallholder agriculture and streamlining delivery to reduce fragmentation 


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