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Mapping Gender Inclusive Practices

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Smallholder farmers face many challenges, but women smallholder farmers face additional constraints beyond those of men farmers: women tend to be invisible to policy makers because they are not seen as ‘productive’ farmers and are often expected to provide unpaid farm work, while bearing the burden of care and reproductive roles within the family and community. In order to encourage our network of 500+ partners to consider, include, an empower women along their value chains, Grow Asia has developed a Gender Mainstreaming Strategy, to be launched publicly in mid-2020.

In this strategy, Grow Asia seeks to facilitate women’s empowerment in agricultural value chains in Southeast Asia through gender inclusive practices, processes, and policies of our partners, with particular focus on private sector actors. Grow Asia will actively encourage gender inclusion and mainstreaming across our network by brokering learning and training opportunities among partners; distilling and disseminating good practices across sectors; embedding gender inclusion into internal policies and practices; and supporting gender responsive policy-making at national and regional levels.

As an initial step in Grow Asia’s gender mainstreaming strategy, this mapping project will 1) create a foundation of practical examples and knowledge about how to empower women farmers along agricultural value chains in Southeast Asia, and 2) develop a ‘living’ framework for multi-stakeholder platforms to support and engage their partners to advance women’s empowerment. This foundation will then allow Grow Asia to assist our members, partners, and staff to integrate gender issues into their activities and initiatives.

There are three objectives of this mapping project, at two levels:

  • Farmer Level

    • Identify current/good practices in Grow Asia’s Working Groups and/or partner activities and programs that engage and/or empower women farmers

    • Consolidate and add Grow Asia’s learnings landscape of existing studies and reports on gender inclusion/women’s empowerment in agriculture in Southeast Asia

  • Network Level

    • Develop framework for how multi-stakeholder partnership platforms can advance women’s economic empowerment in agriculture (at multiple stages of the value chain), including recommendations for GA network.

Scope of Work:


The Consultant shall conduct two parts to the gender landscape mapping: 

Part 1: Farmer Level 

  • Analyze data from a survey of gender inclusion and mainstreaming among Grow Asia partner value chain programs. The focus will be on programs which target or benefit women farmers. Data will be collected by Grow Asia through our Country Partnerships (CPs) in Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. Consultant will analyze data from survey results and select key informant interviews with justification for selection. Interviews must be grouped into emergent themes from the survey results related to gender inclusion (i.e. at farm sales level, in production/processing facilities, at trainings, within corporate practices).

  • Identify 8 - 15 diverse examples of gender inclusion across Grow Asia’s network of partners and Working Group activities. Examples should be identified together with CP staff recommendations. Partners will also be selected to ensure coverage of the emergent themes. 

  • Conduct interviews with key personnel from each identified partner company or organization. Consolidate interview findings into themes and generate short (no more than 1 page) narratives about each theme using examples from partner interviews. These are not meant to be in-depth case studies but rather thematic highlights.

  • Review relevant and related studies and reports on farmer-level gender inclusion and mainstreaming in agriculture, food and forestry in Southeast Asia. 3-4 reports will be provided; consultant is expected to identify more.

  • Consolidate the partner examples with identified trends, challenges, and opportunities from existing research and reports from SEA into a holistic framework (see Inclusive Business Models: Lessons from Grow Asia’s Experience as an example). This framework should explicitly draw out the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships in supporting the adoption of gender mainstreaming practices (see bullet 7).


Part 2: Network Level

  • Review Grow Asia’s overview of their explicit and implicit internal policies, procedures, and practices across the network (i.e. number of women in leadership positions, percentage of women staff, composition of speakers and panels, etc). The consultant shall also provide recommendations for improving gender mainstreaming and inclusion within the organization. Recommendations should be based upon best practices of relevant and similar (size, scope, type) organizations and within Grow Asia’s capacity, as understood through above mapping process.

  • Expand the framework (see bullet 5) to include how Grow Asia and other multi-stakeholder partnerships can advance women’s empowerment in agriculture using the Grow Asia network and the Country Partnerships as examples.




The following are expected to be delivered during the engagement. Deadlines will be added based on consultation with consultant.


  1. Key findings and visualization of mapping analysis 

  2. Interview notes and 8-15 case examples from the Grow Asia network (~400-500 words/case)

  3. Key findings from literature review (1 page)

  4. Draft framework on gender inclusion for Grow Asia based on multistakeholder partnership (MSP) model (1 visual)

  5. Draft report (max 15 pages) including case examples in thematic areas, and analysis of Grow Asia at network level, along with recommendations for internal inclusion efforts

  6. Final report, with revised framework based on the above deliverables, including recommendations for future work.


Timeframe and Quotation Basis:


The consultancy service is expected to commence by mid-July 2020 and must be completed by October 2020.

Consultants shall submit quotes for their consultancy fees based on the following payment rate:

  • An all-inclusive daily fee, stating the amount in words and in numbers indicating currency, and 

  • A total lump sum, stating the amount in words and in numbers, indicating exact currency.

In either case, Consultants should submit a supplementary Financial Proposal that estimates the number of person-days involved, allocated according to the various workstreams/deliverables required, multiplied by the average daily consulting rate.

Out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the engagement will be reimbursed based on actual receipts submitted, after explicit permission is granted from the Grow Asia Project lead. 




The Consultant will be identified based on the following qualifications: 

  • Expertise in desk-based research and landscape mapping

  • Expertise and proven experience in analysis of gender sensitivity and inclusion practices, policies, and research, preferably in Southeast Asia 

  • Strong written communication skills (demonstrated through writing sample) 

  • Skilled in Microsoft Office Suite products 

  • English fluency required; any Southeast Asian language a plus 



Interested individuals/organizations should submit all of the following to


  • An expression of interest indicating the requested Financial Proposal and any other relevant information (no more than 1 page)

  • Consultant’s CV

  • Sample written work relevant to the engagement, including any past work with Grow Asia


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