Gender Mainstreaming

Our Strategy to Mainstream Gender Across Agri-Value Chains in Southeast Asia

There is a growing need to facilitate empowerment among women in agricultural value chains globally. To support this in Southeast Asia, Grow Asia will (1) support the existing gender mainstreaming efforts of our partners, and (2) promote the further adoption of gender inclusive practices, processes, and policies among private sector actors in the region.


Our work here includes actively brokering partnerships within our network, distilling and disseminating good practices across companies and sectors, embedding gender inclusive internal policies and practices, and supporting gender-responsive policymaking at national and regional levels.

Grow Asia sets targets at three levels in our 2020 Gender Mainstreaming Strategy which we aim to achieve by 2022:

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partner level.jpg
Network level .jpg

Farmer Level

increase the capacity among our Working Groups and partners for implementing gender-sensitive and inclusive practices in agriculture supply chains.


Partnership Level

promote demonstrated commitments to gender-inclusive processes and practices amongst our partners.


Network Level

strengthen policies and practices related to gender diversity and inclusion at Grow Asia’s Governance, staff, and Country Partnership leadership level.

Actions we will take in 2020 to achieve these

1) A baseline report of current gender-inclusive practices and measurement

2) Training Working Group members, partners and staff on gender-inclusive practices and measurement 

3) Including a gender-lens to all future case studies and reports 

4) Reviewing and updating our internal commitment to gender diversity and inclusion 

Engage with Us

  • Share your stories of gender inclusion and mainstreaming in your value chain or sectoral project

  • Reach out to your Country Partnership teams to learn about what they're doing in country 

  • Suggest new partners we should meet 

  • Co-host learning events and/or trainings

  • Co-author a report or paper about gender mainstreaming activities and opportunities

  • Engage in joint funding opportunities


Erin Sweeney 

Manager, Sustainable Business & Investment