Gender Mainstreaming

Women make up more than 30% of the agricultural labor force in Southeast Asia, and therefore food and agriculture value chain actors must understand the specific needs and challenges women face. 


Our Strategy to Mainstream Gender Across Agri-Value Chains in Southeast Asia

Grow Asia contributes to women’s empowerment by:

Encouraging more investment in gender-inclusive practices in agri-value chains

Facilitating initiatives that offer leadership and upward mobility opportunities for women

Distilling and sharing best practices for gender mainstreaming 




Our long-term goal is to embed a gender-inclusive approach at the farmer level, between partners, and within our own organization. Read our regional Gender Mainstreaming in Southeast Asia report for an overview of our existing and planned activities.

Useful Resources


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Engage with Us

Grow Asia is building a “community of practice” of organizations in Southeast Asia to share and learn about mainstreaming gender-inclusive practices, processes and policies. Connect with us to share resources or ideas, co-host events, develop strategies, and more, at