Grow Asia’s conversations with the region’s CEOs have revealed they believe digital technologies - such as tools for finance, logistics and learning - are set to positively transform the way smallholders interact with agribusiness. In concert, these tools have the potential to bring greater efficiency to value chains by significantly lowering transaction costs, while improving farmers’ prosperity.

Across six complementary activities, Grow Asia brings together business leaders, development actors and policy makers to accelerate the adoption of digital tools.

This series provides trainings and insights on how digital solutions can be developed and scaled. Themes have included digital credit scoring, traceability, drones and application development. In 2019 we will run six events in Singapore and present the option of dialing in for those from across the region.

Grow Asia Hackathon

Grow Asia has run Hackathons in Singapore, Chiang Rai and Jakarta. These events allow entrepreneurs to be exposed to specific smallholder digital challenge and to rapidly prototype a new solution. We provide tools such as data, mentors and access to farmers. Over 300 people on 70 teams have competed in a Grow Asia Hackathon to date.

Digital ASEAN

A start-up Accelerator, developed in partnership with Yara and MUFG bank, to equip start-up founders to scale their smallholder digital solution. In 2018, the accelerator attracted applications from 45
start-ups, which were then shortlisted to 15, who pitched their ideas to the Accelerator committee. Seven were accepted as having potential for smallholder value chains and are being taken through a mentoring and field testing/evaluation process.

Grow Asia Digital Directory

A database of over 60 (and counting) agricultural digital solutions that are gaining traction in ASEAN. Digital solutions cannot transform the sector if investors, agribusinesses and development actors don’t know what solutions are available. This directory fills that gap; providing not only information on solutions but also contact details so new partnerships can emerge.

Human Centred

Design (HCD) Training

Grow Asia invited startup founders and corporate leaders on a
three-day immersion in a rural location to meet with farmers and learn the fundamentals of HCD to benefit value chains. The training provided participants with a toolkit to map smallholder challenges and build digital solutions that address actual needs in value chains.

We have produced a comprehensive guidance on digital credit scoring. The Guide helps lenders understand and identify digital technologies to assess the creditworthiness of smallholder farmers.

We have also published five summaries of leading business models for digital solutions targeted at smallholder value chains. These include traceability, digital lending and smart farming.

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