Grow Asia 
Assistant Program Manager, ASEAN RAI
Based in Singapore or Jakarta

Job Posting

Project Name:

Learning and Accreditation Program of the ASEAN Guidelines for Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry (ASEAN RAI).

Grow Asia (project Implementing Agency) seeks an Assistant Program Manager to support the Learning and Accreditation Program (LAP) of the ASEAN Guidelines on Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry (ASEAN RAI). This position will also liaise with relevant staff at the Economic Community of the ASEAN Secretariat (Project Proponent). The role will be managed by the current ASEAN RAI Program Manager, at Grow Asia based in Singapore. 




Established by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat, Grow Asia brings together companies, governments, NGOs and other stakeholders to develop inclusive and sustainable value chains and initiatives. At Grow Asia’s core are three goals – to increase the productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability of smallholder agriculture across the region by helping them access knowledge, technology, finance and markets.


Grow Asia launches and supports 6 locally driven Country Partnerships (CPs), which engage 520 partners and collectively support 46 locally-led Working Groups (WGs) that reach 1.8 million smallholders. We expand our impact by engaging with international and regional partners to deliver regional programs. One such program is a collaborative project to create, disseminate and operationalize the ASEAN Guidelines for Promoting Responsible Investments in Agriculture, Food and Forestry (‘ASEAN RAI’).


Foreign and domestic investments in agriculture, food and forestry are steadily increasing across ASEAN, leading to a series of potential challenges and opportunities for farming communities. Grow Asia, together with our partners, developed the ASEAN RAI to provide a framework for environmentally, social and economically responsible investments in ASEAN’s agriculture, food and forestry sectors. The ASEAN RAI is meant to balance the rights and interests of stakeholders involved in large-scale investments along value chains: producers, agribusinesses, government, and financial institutions. The ASEAN RAI was officially adopted by the ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry in October 2018. Starting in 2020, Grow Asia with our partners have launched Phase 1 the 10-year Implementation Plan that aims to facilitate a measurable increase in responsible and sustainable private sector investment in ASEAN by 2030. The overall aim is that the ASEAN RAI Guidelines will become the de facto framework for large scale agribusiness investments, by transforming the ASEAN RAI into relevant, applicable knowledge on the ground.

A key element in the 10-year Implementation Plan will be the creation of a Learning and Accreditation Program (LAP) on responsible agricultural investment to build a cadre of 400+ individuals with detailed knowledge of the ASEAN RAI, equipped with the necessary know-how and skills to support the application of the 10 Guidelines that comprise the ASEAN RAI in practice and in the field. The LAP will provide training to participants from three primary learner groups: private, public and producer/civil society sectors. The Learning and Accreditation Program (LAP) is currently under early stages of development, with a plan to launch its pilot cohort in 2022. The LAP will utilize a blended learning model, consisting of a series of e-learning modules as well as two in-person training sessions over the course of the 6-month program. The LAP aims to provide training for up to 400 participants by 2030.

Post Title: Assistant Program Manager (regional)

Duration: 22 months (between October 2021 – 31 July 2023)

Location: Singapore or Jakarta


  • Coordinate with project consultants to manage project deadlines and outputs

  • Support invoicing of consultants and other services (i.e. e-learning content, translations)

  • Review training content submitted by consultants (copy-edit)

  • Help with participant recruitment and online survey screening (up to 125 recruited)

  • Communicate with selected participants (50) to share program dates, deadlines, bookings, updates and all other relevant notifications

  • Coordinate all event logistics (including venue/flight/accommodations booking, participant management, materials organization) with support from Program Manager

  • Provide ongoing support to participants during on-line modules (technical assistance)

  • Provide regular updates to Proponent and other project partners

  • Support all in-person events (national and regional)

  • Coordinate post-program satisfaction surveys of participants

  • Support all other program-related tasks where needed

  • Support grant management (budget, reports, etc)

  • Support preparing the project completion report and project financial report as necessary.

  • Support if and as needed, pending COVID-19 travel restrictions: create additional online modules; translate all the online modules to the remaining ASEAN languages; conduct virtual training of trainers; and/or conduct research about relevant ASEAN agriculture and food-related investments to contribute to curriculum development. 


Expected Outputs:

  • Edited training content produced by consultants

  • Results of participant screening survey (100-125)

  • Invoices from all program-related costs submitted to Finance Manager (monthly)

  • Successful completion of national and regional events

  • Presentations to Proponent agency and other partners

  • Completed participant post-program satisfaction surveys

  • Completed grant reports

Qualifications/Special Knowledge:

  • Strong virtual oral communication and writing skills

  • Excellent project management support skills (i.e. drafting reports, managing logistics for events, coordinating with event leads and consultants, communicating clearly over email and phone)

  • Excellent time management, self-organization

  • Ability to be self-motivated and driven

  • English fluency required; any Southeast Asian language a plus

  • Some regional travel required, where COVID-19 restrictions allow

Relevant Experience:

  • 2 – 4 years of relevant work experience 

  • Experience managing multi-year, grant-funded projects

  • Experience working with regional and international team members

  • Some experience in the agriculture, forestry and/or food sectors in ASEAN

  • Familiarity with ASEAN Secretariat and its functions

  • Previous work experience with Grow Asia a plus

  • Design skills a plus (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator)


Application Process:

To apply, please submit the following to Erin Sweeney at no later than 15 October 2021, indicating "Assistant Program Manager – ASEAN RAI" in the subject line:

  • Resume or CV

  • An expression of interest indicating how you meet the above qualifications

  • Expected salary range